Drum Lessons

Kansas City Drum Lessons

Our drum lessons are offered in both private classes once a week and group lessons with a experienced instructor. We offer instruction for all skill levels for students age 5 and up.

Students get behind a drum kit during their first lesson to start learning how to play the drums. Through private drum lessons, group rehearsals, and showcase performances, students will learn introductory elements of drum fills and solos.

We teach drum instruction from beginner level to advanced and adjust our teaching techniques appropriately for student cognizance level and physical abilities.

What Can Your Student Expect to Learn?

For the Beginner student, the first thing they learn is how to play rhythms between the right and left hand clearly. We teach our students how to properly hold the drumsticks. How the drumsticks are held will effect a range of things from, speed, sound, and comfort. Working on stick control will also give an introduction to reading music. Learning to read will begin to feed their imagination by teaching them a rhythm vocabulary that stimulates creative ideas. Learning the language of rhythm helps us to understand and decipher the music we enjoy listening to.

Once this is mastered, the student will begin coordinating their feet with their hands. At this point they will also be learning the basic concepts of drumming, common in most of the music we hear.

How Much Do Drum Lessons Cost?

Drum classes cost $92 per month for one 30-minute private classes a week. Or $60 per month if you elect for group classes. Group classes are available on a limited basis and we only offer them if there are a minimum of 4 students interested. Enroll your student in drum classes today!