Saxophone Lessons

Private Saxophone Lessons in Kansas City

Key Impact Studios has a comprehensive training program for beginner, intermediate and advanced violin students. Through fun and thorough teaching methods we ensure the student builds strong foundation in technique, theory, and musicality.

Instructors support the learning process by nurturing all student learning methods. We teach techniques that shifts focus between traditional music theory and fun improvisation. By exploiting a student’s natural creativity we create a positive learning environment for all.

Why Choose Private Saxophone Lessons?

Private lessons are beneficial because an instructor can focus entirely on their student’s needs, learning their individual learning style and assist through weaknesses to nurture the best of a budding musician.

Saxophones have a long history of being the instrument of choice for many famous musician including Charlie Parker and John Coltrane. When it comes to saxophones, there are four major varieties: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Among these, the alto and tenor saxophones have become favorites among musicians, composers, and listeners.

How Much Do Saxophone Classes Cost?

Our saxophone classes cost $92 per month for one 30-minute private class a week. We keep our tuition costs low to allow all students the chance to learn music in the Kansas City area. With 30 years of experience, we have groomed and nurtured some of the city’s greatest talents. Let your child make it on the same list. Enroll today!